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  • modified9v
    Randy, if Thoroseal truly breathes then I don’t see a reason why you would need a vent. The idea is to release the steam pressure out... seems to me you have that covered with the product you mentioned. I will be looking into Thoroseal now that you mention it... I will be ready for it soon.

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  • 1Randy123
    started a topic oven vent

    oven vent

    Hello, Randy from SW Michigan. Just got the base poured for a 42" igloo and block walls set up when the "shelter-in-place" order took effect So I am spending many, MANY more hours reading this site and I have come to the conclusion there is just way to much info here to comprehend
    I do have a one question though that I have not found an answer for. I have seen the words "oven vent" mentioned a few times but very little information about them. I am understanding the vent is to release moisture from the insulation layer during the curing process. My layers will be fire brick, insulation, vermicrete and 2-3 layers of stucco then painted a couple coats of weatherproof Thoroseal which will let moisture pass out but not in.
    Do I need an actual physical oven vent using this process ?
    If I do need one would someone please point me to a thread for a description of and, hopefully, photo of an actual vent ?
    Thank you very much for your time,