Hello everyone,
I am looking for a little guidance on the next steps for my oven.

Please see the gallery.
- I have acquired a ready made oven arch ( Manufactured from high temperature resistant concrete, link here: shorturl.at/apqY3 )
- I have enough for a 10cm layer of ceramic fiber.
- I have CalSil board at the bottom of the oven and the brick are just touching it, not mortared.

My doubt:

1) Where is best to place the second arc?
Solution a) Immediately after the first arch, like in the photos ( This implies that dome and the external arch have no mortar at all between them ?)
Solution b) Slightly on top of the first arch ? ( This will create a better union between dome and second arcg)

2) What shall I cover using ceramic fiber? Just the dome or the external arch as well ?

3) What kind of treatment i can add to the front of the oven ? I was planning to cut the floor bricks like in figure "f.jpg" but no idea what to put in the front to close everything and hide the CalSil Board.

I am a little lost, I recently broke my elbow and now I depend on friends to help me finish the oven.
I used to just work with a general idea and figure things out while I was doing them, but this time I need to be very organised and know in advance what to do in each step, to respect my friend's time since they are helping me

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