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K-rend on top of vermicrete layer

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  • K-rend on top of vermicrete layer

    Hello everyone!

    I am finishing up my dome with :

    - 7.5inches ceramic blanket
    - chicken wire and 6:1 vermicrete mix (1.5 inches)
    - k-rend base coat
    - k-rend silicon topcoat

    My question is:

    What should I Use to cover up the front and side of my dome and hide the cal. Sil board?

    - vermicrete
    - poor man's mortar mix
    - or K-rend?

    See photo of My oven front here:
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    It looks like the 7+ inches of CF blanket will bring your layers at least out to the edge of floor bricks & CF Board (if not farther).
    I would suggest you just carry the vcrete layer down to your hearth and do the same with the krend layer. If the CF blanket layers get wider than the floor brick & cf board, it would probably help to have some of the CF blanket insulating those floor brick as well, so heat doesn't escape your floor as quickly.

    Your oven is looking super so far
    David in Calgary
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      Thanks for your answer! I meant 7.5 cm ceramic blanket, not inches I did use vermicrete and left a few cm on top for k-rend, which I will apply in 7 days.
      ​​​​​​All looking good so far!

      Photo here:


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        The venerable david s drew out what I was trying to describe in this post.
        David in Calgary
        My Build Thread