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  • Dome Render and Waterproofing Help

    Hi All,

    First off, thanks for the wealth of knowledge this site offers!

    I started a 36" oven a few weeks back. I am using all old reclaimed clay brick. I am happy to say the dome is complete, and it turned out pretty well. The oven is sitting on 2 inches of Calsil board.

    I have about 2 inches of ceramic insulation that ill cover the dome with.

    This brings me to my questions, I plan on wrapping the dome in the insulation and cover that in chicken wire. What should I do next? I would like to add some render with some strength for peace of mind.

    Can i render with any cement/vermiculite mixture? I have seen the chart that shows parts cement to vermiculite and the PSI strength. Can I use any cement at this point?

    I live in Michigan, we have rain, snow, and freezing temps for months on end. I plan on having the wife sew up a good canvas cover for winter and wet days, just like a BBQ so it wont be getting soaked ect.

    My main questions are, after I cover the dome in insulation. What should I do? What products should I use? what mixing ratios ect? I am trying to build this oven as budget friendly as possible but am willing to spend the money on the proper materials. Can i use any cement with vermiculite? Can i use like quikrete or something cheap from Home depot?

    After the above render, how should I finish? Stucco? Is it possible to Stucco/waterproof the oven. But still have the ability to attach ceramic tile at a later date?

    I am not sure where to head from hear and am looking for input and suggestions, on the after insulation render and the outer/final render.


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    Yes, you can use any cement for a render coat. It's sole purpose is to protect the oven from the elements. Whatever you do, be sure it's waterproof. Water infiltration is your enemy. As for ratios, most builders prefer around an 8:1 ratio by volume for a render coat.
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      If you plan to tile the outer shell, I would do that before applying any type of waterproofing. Be sure to seal the tile joints afterwards, though.
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        You should cure the oven with the insulation on but before the stucco is applied, You should also install a vent at the apex of the oven so any water that gets into you oven (which it will) and converts to steam has a way to egress out without building pressure in the dome and cracking the stucco. Water sublimating to steam increase in volume by 1500 + times. So a seach on breather vents.
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