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Ash Dump hatch?

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  • Ash Dump hatch?

    I've seen a couple builds mention an ash dump, but not many details on how it's done. Do you all think it's worth building? It seems like a good idea, but there must be a reason so few builds include this.

    My thought is to make a square hole in my hearth, and build a steel/insulated cover flush with the bricks that you can lift out when it's time to sweep. And i'd just have a galvanized bucket underneath to catch the ash. The bucket would have to be protected from the wood storage in case there are any embers.

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    I believe that most, who have installed a dump, placed it in the entry where it does not require an insulated trap door.

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      I didn't build one in and have not missed it. I have an old school metal dust pan with a wood dowel in the end that I just shovel out the ash with..
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        Thanks for the advice. after looking at my layout, it'd be pretty difficult to get an ash chute located in the entry. My 8" block wall and poured arch are in the way, and i'd not want to see a bucket inside the arch stand. I think i'll go with what the majority does, and stick with a dust pan.