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  • CUACNOPALAN, Puebla, Mexico

    I am advancing with my build and have got to the point where I have to decide on the entrance/exit arches, chimney and landing.

    There are just so many dimensional designs "out there".

    My confusion rests in the design and dimension of the "entrance tunnel".

    For example, these are some of the many possibilities:
    • Oven with no flue and chimney
    • Oven with flue and chimney directly outside of the oven
    • Oven with flue and chimney and a STRAIGHT SHORT "tunnel". (9 ")
    • Oven with with flue and chimney and a STRAIGHT LONG "tunnel". (14")
    • Oven with with flue and chimney and a EXPANDING LONG "tunnel". (14")
    Any ideas on what the varios pros and cons are ??

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    It seems to me, that a longer "tunnel" will promote heat retention at the mouth of the oven but:
    • The longer the "tunnel" the less accessibility and less visibility.
    • Having a longer tunnel that opens up (expanding) might be a compromise ???


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      I went for undeep tunnel which makes it easier to reach inside the oven. But it is a bit more sensitive to side winds. (Some smoke leak when there’s a stronger gust)


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        Thanks Kvaenbael,

        I finally did the same.

        I will have to wait and see about the wind.