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36" Pompeii in St Louis

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    Pretty impressive for having no previous masonry skills... and very beautiful brick work styling ... awesome josh
    My build::


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      Hey Josh! awesome work - really enjoyed the video!
      I learned even more from you beyond what I've learned in your thread!

      Quick question - noticed you used full brick around the mouth of the oven and thin brick on the concrete hearth ... what mortar did you use to grout?
      I like the look of the lighter coloured mortar with the red brick you have here and would like to consider something similar!

      Thanks for any insight you can give!

      Great build!
      You are welcome to visit my build HERE


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        Thanks! I used regular old brick mortar for the grout/tuckpointing. To affix the brick facade to the concrete hearth, I used versabond I don't remember why I chose these things, but it's been a year and they are still standing !

        The thinset was great to glue the brick flats to the concrete, dried super fast so I didn't need spacers or anything fancy. I also just eyeballed the whole thing, and didn't do any measuring and it turned out great. Gluing the bricks probably took a couple hours, and the tuckpointing probably took 3-4 hours. Definitely one of the easier parts of the project.
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