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butt-dressing? not sure!

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  • butt-dressing? not sure!

    Hello gang,
    I have read posts a while ago about but dressing? not sure how to spell it...I couldn't find the post...I still have problems with dressing the salad imagine dressing the dome ..anyhow, here my question :
    if I want to butt-dressing (cover the dome ) what should I use?
    Heat stop/remix
    regular concrete
    or what? thanks
    Ciao Carlo

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    Re: butt-dressing? not sure!

    You would want something closely matched to the expansion of the dome, so I'd vote for Heat stop/remix.
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      Re: butt-dressing? not sure!

      ...dunno, I usually dress my butt in jeans...

      I think the word you're looking for may be "buttressing"....
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        Re: butt-dressing? not sure!

        Thanks Frances! Good giggles!

        I think you got his meaning. I thought he was kidding - starting a new joke thread.
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