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pompeii oven chimney height

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  • pompeii oven chimney height

    Was just curious if someone could tell me if chimney height is a big deal. I thought i read somewhere that the chimney height should be 3x the height of the opening. was just wondering if this is true. I was going to start my first fire and see how it draws but was going to go ahead and add some more brick and another flue liner if it is needed. right now my oven opening is 12 1/2' high and i have a 2' clay flue liner above the opening with brick around it. Thanks in advance for any info

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    The chimney only needs to be high enough to get the smoke away from the oven operator. Increasing the height does increase the draw, but nowhere near as much as increasing the cross sectional area. New/wet ovens are notoriously smoky so don’t rush into making any alterations until you’ve had several decent cooking fires.
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      ok. thank you