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New Pizza Oven Cast Refractory and Gas

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  • New Pizza Oven Cast Refractory and Gas

    Hi folks

    I am in the planning phase of build a new outdoor oven Pompeii style.

    The last one I built at the link below was pretty well built with insulation board below and blanket above as well as more vermiculite/cement insulation above. I used half bricks for the dome. It's still in operation here at my home. I do find it takes a bit to heat up and doesn't retain heat as well as I had expected given it's it's mass and insulation properties. Not sure why. I hear some folks say their oven is still very hot the next morning and while mine may be hot, it's really just warm. Not hot enough that I could do anything with it.

    So I am planning on building one at my lake property and wanted to have a go at casting the dome and using gas as an option for firing it.

    First on the casting part, I see many use vermiculite or perlite in the mix but I do believe that would be more of an insulation property rather than heat mass. So am I correct that I would use a recipe such as this without perlite/vermiculite?:

    3 parts sand, 1 part portland cement, 1 part hydrated lime, and 1 part fireclay, and use stainless needles (melt extract fibres)?

    On this topic, I have seen posts where they say to use Masonry Cement vs Portland as Portland breaks down quicker with heat. I don't think it called for lime in that mix, perhaps because masonry cement has lime in it?

    On the gas side of the equation I am considering something like one of these:

    I have seen some oven burners by manufacturers but they are way out of my price range.


    My Last Oven Build
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    Check out my build at: