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    Re: Les' Build

    I got past the big ugly tonight. I knew the train was coming, but it really wasn't that bad. I had to knock out a couple of bricks I set last night so I could achieve a better keystone - kinda ticked me off, but thats what it took. The brick itself was a little bit of a challenge, but just another two shower day. You will see about 1/16 of mortar on the brick. I cut it a bit loose because I was determined to set the last brick over the arch tonight, if I cut to fit, I would have compromised the adjoining bricks that I set about 1 hour prior (been there, done that) - mission accomplished...

    Onward and upward!!!!

    Hello Les, Wow great job on your dome/entire build, I have read thru your build couple times looking at all your pictures and good info, I see why your a well known pioneer of this forum. Your dome brick joints look as close to perfection as humanly possible, what type saw jig did you use? Also did you use or were any angle /bevel calculation spreadsheets available to you when you were building your wfo. Im still struggling with my brick cuts and very curious on how you made your cuts almost look mortarless. Im not looking to be as pretty as you, no pun intended. But would like to improve on my brick cuts as seen from inside of dome.
    again great build


    • Thanks Ivan. There were no spreadsheets back in the day, or the tool that people are now using. I drew each course to get the width of the brick close. I just slid shims under the brick as I cut to get the angle. Some cuts took me 5 attempts to get it to fit - pain in the ass. I didn't use any mortar at all on the inside, just on the back to keep the angle. I recall using mortar on one brick at the arch in front, no one can see that area. Thanks again for the complement.
      Check out my pictures here:

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