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  • Vermicrete curing

    Hi all
    I’ve got to the insulation base on my 36” Pompeii oven build, with approximately 4.5” of 6:1 vermicrete mix contained within a brick paver form
    It’s late winter hear in the UK so temperatures are just coming out of single figures in the day so I’m wondering if there is any way of speeding up the curing process?
    I do understand that it’s not a good idea to build on until the mix has dried out sufficiently but remember from my time using vermiculite in potting compost it holds on to water!

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    V or P crete take quite a while to dry out even with warm and sunny conditions. You could tent the base and run a small portable electric heater that has a fan on it so you have a combination heat and air movement. Once the bricks are on the p/v crete it is really hard to remove water from the mixture. David S suggests using an inexpensive soil moisture probe to measure water content.
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      Thanks Russell
      Will get a soil moisture meter as David suggests and try and be patient
      I’ll rig something up, probably with a 500watt work lamp I have been using and noted it kicks out a good bit of heat, and build is under 3m square cheap gazebo
      Missus has banned me from using the fan heaters outside as melted the plug and socket when trying to keep my hearth slab from freezing in -5C in January!
      Think it might’ve been due to dodgy wiring in the conservatory
      Am loving the build, keeping me busy during the lockdown here and wish I’d started it over last summer!
      I’ll start of thread too whilst waiting as will no doubt need further help in the coming months

      Regards Pete
      Ps My wife and kids think I’ve finally lost it!


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        Hi Pete, good luck with the build.
        I'm pretty sure they won't think you've lost it when you're turning out pizzas and roast beef brisket on down times.
        Luckily, I started my build at the start of first lockdown beginning of April last year.
        Me and my wife have been using the oven regularly since first pizza on her birthday, 1st March. Its been great just sitting in front of oven watching the flames, keeping cosy warm til it gets to temp then cook. I cannot wait til spring/summer, when my back will finally be nearly as warm as my front haha.
        Keep at it, you'll be amazed.
        My 40" Pompeii Style Oven build


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          Thanks Lance
          Hahaha my birthday March 1st too! Mad March hare season
          Hoping to be cooking by wife’s birthday in early May, wish I’d started in the start of the first lockdown as my business has started to pick up again now people resuming their lives again
          Had a WFO pizza from a mobile van last night and it was delicious!