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Stucco Finishes (how to?)

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  • Stucco Finishes (how to?)


    Anyone know of any good resources that show you how to finish the stucco? I searched the net and found "how to" but nothing that showed you to apply different types of decorative stucco finishes...

    I just want to avoid "slapping" it on.

    Let me know.


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    Re: Stucco Finishes (how to?)


    I have seen a lot of different finishes in Spain.

    Some have used a very massive look, kind of like 1/2 oranges slapped against the wall.

    A lot of it is troweled on and then dimple marks are put on the finish using a round edged trowel. The swirl marks left by the trowel are a compliment to the dimples.

    Some use a brush on the finish after it has set up a bit. Tends to give you a rougher sandy finish.

    I've also seen it washed with a rough sponge which is particularly good for the setup of the stucco. It can start to develop cracking as it dries and this method helps float the cement into the cracks and keep the mix damp.

    If you can get the mix on the surface and keep it wet you can use about anything to make some kind of impression in the stucco.

    Maybe you can experiment on a side where no one will see and find a finish you like.

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