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If you could do it over....Landing

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  • If you could do it over....Landing

    If you could take your present knowledge back in time to when you built your oven. How would your landing be different?

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    Re: If you could do it over....Landing

    Do you mean the shelf in front of the entry, or the space under the flue inside the entry?
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      Re: If you could do it over....Landing

      I think larger than smaller so you have space to stage stuff going in and out. I have counters on either side of my oven so it works fine.

      The BenjaMia Oven is looking like it is going to have a recycled granite windowsill for the landing. 36 to 48 inches wide and 12 - 14 inches deep.

      So dreams come can do it over and over again!
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        Re: If you could do it over....Landing

        Originally posted by dmun View Post
        Do you mean the shelf in front of the entry, or the space under the flue inside the entry?
        I think it was simply a way of narrowing it down from "what are ALL the ways you'd build differently"

        I realize it will mostly have to do with personal preferences and cooking habits, but I'm just jogging the minds of those with experience.


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          Re: If you could do it over....Landing

          I copied a lot from Dmuns oven. Directly and conceptually. I'll talk of the landing as the shelf plus the space under the chimney.

          I'm very happy with the angled oven landing- gets wider as it leaves the oven - makes for easy moving with the peel. I think my landing may be a bit longer than DMUN's. With the landing and a 4 inch wide piece of granite shelf to finish off the edge - I've been really happy. The edge is just wide enough to set a beer or glass of wine but not so wide that it keeps me from sticking my head or hands into the oven....

          I learned a lot from reading and searching through the posts on this site - it was a bit easier when I started - there were much much fewer postings!!!!

          Good luck!
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            Re: If you could do it over....Landing

            Hind sight is a wonder thing, but never really exists.
            If I were to build another over or rebuild one specially for myself, I would not change anything at all.
            The size, proportions, height, location etc is ideal for our needs. The oven entry is optimally located and a good size for sight into the oven and access to the goods cooking and also fire tending. I am designing a rotiserie and access for a small lamb or porker will try it out when putting it in and out of the oven but the design must meet what is there.
            I am still to aquire some insulation board for the inside of the cast aluminium doors and need to grout the tiles in the chimney void, but working well.
            I am working on Hendo's oven which has an ash slot in it but I see no need as I only remove the ash when my oven is cold.
            My void is quite large which allows plenty of room for the lights that work and illuminate the entire oven floor magnificently. A smaller void would not permit this. I honestly can't imagine an oven without such visibilty.
            I guess that I am lucky that it worked out so well but I guess luck must be on your side sometime.

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              Re: If you could do it over....Landing

              Some pics, no changes thinking...