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  • Dome height

    Hey everyone,

    It looks like most Pompeii builds are roughly hemispherical with a 20" dome height for a 40" oven floor. You can also calculate a 15.5" high ellipse starting on top of a 4.5 soldier, or a 17.5" ellipse on a no soldier design to get to 20".

    Has anyone tried building a lower dome? It looks tough. I found a couple of photos of builds in Naples with a tall soldier and then an incredibly steep dome for what looks like a 16" height on a 40" oven. The precast ovens seem to be around 16" for a 40" oven. I was thinking of trying to build an 18" high dome with a 4.5" soldier course.

    This group has the most oven experience. What do you all think? Will the build be more difficult?

    Do you think I will be able to tell the difference when trying to make Pizza Napoletana with some reach pizza char?

    As always, thanks for the input!

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    Have you downloaded the WFO eplans from Forno Bravo Retail site (free or nominal cost)? This plans will give you a baseline on design and construction of both high and low dome ovens. It would be helpful if you start your own thread and post question from that thread rather than start a new thread on every question.
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