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BrritSki's Build in Italy

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    Re: BrritSki's Build in Italy

    Quick update, cut a few bricks Thursday morning but then started to feel ill. I've been in bed for the last 3 days (when I've not been sat on the loo) with gastric flu - chills, sweats, aching limbs, headache, stomach cramps, it's really
    unpleasant. Wife knows I'm ill as I've only had 1 slice of toast in all that time!

    Feeling a little better now, but not great. Hope I can get back to it tomorrow...


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      Re: BrritSki's Build in Italy

      James, sorry to ask you this directly, but as you've looked into this stuff in Italy, do you know the name that the Insulfrax blanket goes by here ?
      My builder was talking about rock-wool, but I'm pretty sure that's not the same stuff....

      If I can't find this locally, does the UK FB store carry it ?

      I'm really up against it timewise due to illness mentioned above and only have until Sep 6 (son's wedding) to complete the dome (currently on course 7) and cure it.

      Do you think that building in hot, dry, breezy conditions would make it possible to start curing fires as soon as the dome is complete ?

      Thanks in advance for your help and for a great resource

      Ciao Roger
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        Re: BrritSki's Build in Italy

        Originally posted by BrritSki View Post

        Pictures have been uploaded to the Hearth and Stand category and included in an album entitled "BrritSki's Pix".

        Ciao Rog
        Hi James, I was looking at my posts in the forum last night, but I could not find the pictures I uploaded. The pics attached to my posts are there, but not the album.

        Admittedly this was about 3 years ago and I haven't logged in much for various reasons, so maybe there was a re-org or something.

        Not a problem if they're gone, I still have the originals.

        My oven was finished back in 20009 as far as pizza making was concerned and we really enjoy it and the food it produces. The mosaic covering was completed in 2010, but the rest of the surrounds are still to do when we've got some spare money ! When it's all done I'll post a complete set of pics of the whole build.

        Ciao Rog