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drying it out?

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  • drying it out?

    Ok, I will have my outer arch built and my dome coated with homebrew before I leave Saturday morning for a week. I can't leave the oven uncovered while I'm gone since it might rain. Will it dry under a tarp? The fly I have up now can't stay up either, since our rain always comes with wind and it'll end up in my neighbor's yard- not the best thing.

    Ideally I would be home, taking the tarp off when it's nice and putting it on when it isn't, but that isn't happening. I have a hard enough time getting someone to come in and sit the cat, (dogs go to the beach, have a big time!) let alone get someone to babysit an oven.

    If I left a light on inside it and a tarp overhead, draped to allow moisture to run off, would that work, do you suppose?

    I may just have to suck it up and let it dry more when I get home, but my blanket will be here by then and I'd love to fire it up.....

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    Re: drying it out?

    Let it rain!
    Concrete cures better when wet. Read the "oven curing" thread


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      Re: drying it out?

      I tend to agree....if the mortars have had a day or two to set up, rain is not going to hurt it.

      The key drying comes from your initial fires warming it up gradually to drive out the moisture in the masonry...up until that point the moisture is not a bad thing in my mind. And I believe the moisture will go through your new blanket without any problems. You could apply that while firing up!

      Keep it covered and dry after the fire cure process for sure.
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        Re: drying it out?

        I'd wrap a tarp around it and keep it and the insulation under it as free from rain as possible.

        I believe there is enough moisture left in the masonry that the tarp will keep thing moist enough for good curing of the cement to occur.

        my 2 cents.

        Have a great vaca!!

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          Re: drying it out?

          Curing the mortar / concrete requires moisture. Rain will not hurt. Being to dry to soon will cause cracking. Wrap it up and dont worry about it, It will be fine. The tarp will hold moisture and keep it from drying to fast. When you start the fires start very small and you will see the moisture wicking out. Take it slow and enjoy your vacation.
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            Re: drying it out?

            ok, wrapping and forgetting for a week is the way I'm going. It'll stay humid enough that way to cure well, I think.

            Thanks for the input!



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              Re: drying it out?

              I have to agree with the wrapping and leaving it.
              Moisture will help it cure harder.

              Have a good vacation!

              Your oven will be oh so lonely.
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