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Unsolicited Plug for FB and James` crew

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  • Unsolicited Plug for FB and James` crew

    A long time lurker about to build, I wanted to thank James for this site which I have been reading long enough to recall the original plan to put the insulating layer under the concrete base! The main purpose of this post is to encourage others to follow my example and support FB by buying its products instead of shopping hard locally where the difference (relative to total expense) is not that great. After 2 or 3 calls and helpful advice from FB, I ordered 6 bags of Refmix, 3 boards and 2 blankets that shipped next day and arrived in good shape w/i the week. Heatstop 50 was cheaper here, the comparable boards somewhat more and blankets less but I felt it important to say thanks for this extraordinary site even if shipping took me to a bit higher price overall. I have the security of knowing I`m getting the "right stuff" and the satisfaction of supporting a generous and hugely helpful vendor whose site has given me the info I needed to take on another oven (I built an Alan Scott that took forever and never worked because I skipped the insulating layer and build the oven right on a fieldstone base!).It seemed the least I could do in exchange for FB`s help.

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    Re: Unsolicited Plug for FB and James` crew

    I wish I could add to this...but you have expressed mine (and many others) sentiments exactly. Great post.

    Lets not leave out all of the very helpfull and knowledgable members James has been able to attract.



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      Re: Unsolicited Plug for FB and James` crew

      Shame there's not a "tip jar" system for us transatlantic types...
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