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  • firebrick flue

    Would it be okay to just build the flue with firebricks and coat the inside with
    high heat mortar or something similar?
    So far I can only find steel flues used in iron stoves, they are quite inexpensive but they look flimsy to me.
    Well,are there any other options??????
    Thanks in advance for your input.

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    Re: firebrick flue

    You can do a firebrick lined chimney or you can get clay chimney liners and brick around them. I plan to use the clay liners bonded together with refractory cement and then do brick work around them with an air gap between the liner and the outside brickwork.
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      Re: firebrick flue

      "Well are there any other options?"

      Lots of options for chimneys, in my case I'm using single wall stainless steel flue and making it so that it's easily removeable and replaceable. I considered going with fixed in place insulated stainless double wall flue but that would make covering the finished WFO more difficult. And since I'm not building a enclosure for the oven a "canvas" cover seems the way to go.

      This may seem odd but I have a car cover, a cover for my BBQs, one for my tractor and for the excavator, one over the boat, one over the dinghy on the boat and I could go on. I live in the Pacific Northwest where in time everything out doors ends up with a coat of mildew/mold/moss or algae. Covers keep things clean and looking new with minimum upkeep and minimize problems associated with water intrusion and freeze-thaw cycles etc.



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        Re: firebrick flue

        My brick supplier stocks 12" x 12" lightweight pumice flue sections. I will cut these to size, surround them with a cement board shell and fill the gap with perlite.


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          Re: firebrick flue

          I used a single wall 8" stove pipe.
          I covered it with chicken wire.
          I followed that with an inch or so of high heat mortar.
          And followed that with 2-3 inches of vermcrete and a half an inch of stucco.
          Seems to be working just fine, and it was pretty cheap to do.

          My thread:

          My costs:

          My pics: