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Isol blanket !

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  • Isol blanket !

    How many sq.feet of this blanket would I need to cover my 31" dia. oven.
    does anyone know ?
    Would I have to wrap it around twice or once would be enough?

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    Re: Isol blanket !

    Hi Masako.
    the area of your dome should be close to a half that of a spere, in your case the outside dimensions rather than using the inside 31" dimension. Add your wall thickness and do the following calculation"

    The surface area of a sphere of radius 'r' is given by:

    surface area = 4pr2

    NOTE: The value of p can never be known exactly, so surface areas of spheres cannot be calculated exactly. Common approximations for p are: 3.14, and 22/7.

    You normally get a specific area in a carton/package of insulating wool and this will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and will vary again if it is 1" or 2" thick
    2" od superwool is the same equivalent as 4" vermiculite cement which is deemed as the minimum needed for a WFO. My 40" Pompeii has i" superwool and 3" vermiculite cement and when the oven is over 500˚C inside, the outside dome is cold.

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