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large brick pizza oven

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  • large brick pizza oven

    Has anyone tried to build a larger model of the Pompei Oven described on James's site? I'm thinking of a 6' diameter cooking surface with a similar design and my concerns are:

    a) how difficult building dome will be with increased size...

    b) if/how "middle leg" of "W" shaped (instead of "U" shaped) stand was constructed and difficulty involved with blocks over lintel ...

    c) how exhaust through vent/chimney behaves with larger dimensions...

    d) how internal heat of oven is affected by increased size...

    Thanks, Mario

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    Support for oven

    Hi Mario--I used a center support going from the front to the rear of the hearth and also going left to right about 2 feet back from the front, which cann't be seen in the photo [ I hope the photo is attached]. I used a quarter inch by 2 inch angle iron to support the blocks over the opening. I've had the oven for about 8 months and there is no hairline cracks on the base. ---Mel


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      Thanks Mel. Your oven looks great - good job!


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        I can take a stab at #3 and #4. The oven should vent well with a larger chimney without any fans. For example, our Ristorante series ovens come with a 12" round vent opening.

        I terms of heat, you should also be OK. We have Ristorante ovens that go up to 73" -- over six feet. These ovens are able to hold the 750-800F where you tyipcally want to bake pizza.

        Good luck with your project.

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          Thanks for the input, James.