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Antique bread peel & scraper! we're cooking

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  • Antique bread peel & scraper! we're cooking

    We are finally there!! Tomorrow is the first pizza party...I can't believe it. We were going to make our own tools for the oven and just get by until then, but yesterday I came across an unbelievable find. In a local antique shop, I found an antique small bread peel and oven scraper. Reasonably priced, too!! I swear, it's the little things in life that make me so happy. There are actually a few more oven tools left at the store. There is a peel/scraper set from an old house here in lancaster county, pa. (I think I'll be good with what I bought yesterday and a wooden large peel.)
    I finished storage and opening arch this week and have the kaowool blankets on. So far, no cracks....but I've read enough to know not to get my hopes up! I've finally read the online pizza book here, and I'm so glad to have access to it. We really couldn't have done it without all the help and advice on this forum. I'm making dough tonight and will post on Sunday to report how the cookin' goes!
    I also have to thank Ken, I must have looked at your pictures a hundred times to learn how to do the arches. This is my first try at brick work and it's not cleaned up yet, but it hasn't fallen so far!


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    Re: Antique bread peel & scraper! we're cooking

    Awesome build and great find!

    Don't forget to soak the wood handle for the scraper!
    If it spends much time in the oven, then it won't survive long.

    I need to start hunting at antique stores I suppose.

    Amazing how something like a peel and a scraper can make your day.
    Just think, before building your oven, you probably would have walked right past both without any thoughts at all!


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      Re: Antique bread peel & scraper! we're cooking

      Carolyn, that's one splendid oven! Congrats!
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        Re: Antique bread peel & scraper! we're cooking

        I love the stone stand. Everything looks great. Good luck on the first pizza bake!
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          Re: Antique bread peel & scraper! we're cooking

          well, we had a blast last night. It went very, very well. My family was so happy and we even had champagne and fireworks....
          it's amazing how this oven brings people together! I used the dough recipe from this site and it was wonderful! doing a brisket today