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design with ceramic insulating board

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  • design with ceramic insulating board

    I am creating the pompeii oven and have decided to use ceramic boards for the floor insulation rather than pouring the insulating concrete.

    My question is this [and I have searched the forums but couldn't find a discussion in this regard. I would like to have the oven cooking floor to be flush with the surrounding oven landing. It appears that almost all people only use the insulating boards directly under the you have an elevation in the cooking surface because of the brick and the ceramic board. Can you pour concrete to bring it all up to the same level? I just want a clean look where all levels are the same in the front of the oven.


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    Re: design with ceramic insulating board

    You can pour concrete to bring it up to level or if you have extra brick hanging about you can use that too.

    Pour your hearth first. set your insulating board. lay a few floor brick down. Check the thickness of the brick/material (granite/marble) that you plan on using and determine how much filler concrete you need. Depending on how you do this you might add the filler concrete towards the end.

    Take a few hours to scan through old posts and the photo gallery. Not all the photos posted on the forum threads get posted into the gallery.

    Take pictures of your build and ask lots of questions before you get too deep.

    Early morning thought - if you are certain in your design you could do a sunken hole for the insulation. Use a bendable board to keeop t he concrete out of the recessed pool. When it dries pull out the form and add in the foam boards.
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