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Gaps and mortar joints

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  • Gaps and mortar joints

    Hi everyone-
    We are about three quarters done with our pompeii dome and I'm a little concerned about gaps in our brick courses and the size of some of our mortar joints. Most everything looks tight on the interior--most but on the exterior especially we have some joints of at least 1 inch. Will this detract from the sturdiness or the heat generating or retaining qualities of our oven. What do you think. Would love some advice from wiser heads. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Gaps and mortar joints

    No, that is the way this design is supposed to be. You would have to make crazy brick cuts to avoid those outside gaps...

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      Re: Gaps and mortar joints

      Add me to the list of those who made the crazy cuts. As Drake mentions, the plans were designed for simply using standard fire bricks cut in half, and yes the gaps are normal. Your concern is probably in regards to cracking. Remember this - nearly EVERY oven will crack to some degree, some more so than others; and not necessarily due to the width of your mortar gaps. There are a lot of variables in the heat up and cool down cycles of an oven. Just stay close to the guidelines provided here and your oven should be standing for generations.