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Morex Stamped Fire Brick

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  • Morex Stamped Fire Brick

    I have a lead on some new fire brick.It is stamped Morex and is the light looking tan color.I have not actually picked it up to see how much it weighs.I was wondering if any one has seen or heard of this brand name...Thanks...

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    Re: Morex Stamped Fire Brick

    If someone has more info on firebricks, I'd like to know if the bricks that are used to line the inside of a fireplace are the same as are needed for the pizza oven?

    Sorry, I can't help you with the Morex brick.



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      Re: Morex Stamped Fire Brick

      Connie, generally yes, regular low or medium duty firebricks are the ones to use when building the oven.

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      Castiron, could you ask the seller to weigh one for you? Hard to say otherwise...
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        Re: Morex Stamped Fire Brick

        Hi Drake,
        Thanks for your reply. I have read the brick primer, the problem is that both the brickyards that I have visited didn't know if the bricks that line a standard fireplace are low to medium duty. Now that I know they are the correct bricks I can go forward!
        Thanks for your help.


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          Re: Morex Stamped Fire Brick

          Thanks....I e-mailed him last night as I figured that would be a start to see actually what kind of brick they are. I am assuming that if they are around 8 lbs,than they should be OK?He has about 3000 and is selling them for 1.25 ea. Am hoping to get them cheaper.If they do turn out to be good fire bricks,I will pass on the info. to any other Washington State members.