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Anxious to cure - is it time?

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  • Anxious to cure - is it time?

    Hi All,

    I completed the dome brickwork last weekend, but it got too cold here in Salt Lake to finish the second arch and vent detail.

    I used a pre-mixed refractory mortar called "Mullitex-B," and the folks at the brick store I use indicated that this mortar only cures in the presence of 200-300 degree temperatures.

    It has been a week since I fitted the keystone in place, and I have left the form I used for the last few courses in place all this time. I do not have the blanket insulation is place yet.

    I am anxious to cure what work I have done so far. Does it sound okay if I cure the dome this next week, then next spring when I finish the rest, to cure the oven over again?

    Is it okay to cure without insulation?

    I'm a little concerned about removing my form and having the last few courses fall in over the winter if I don't get the dome curred.

    Thanks in advance for any insight.

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