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  • Used fire brick

    I think I have a source for some used fire brick (old pottery kiln), however, another friend told me that used FB is harder to cut than new. Thought I'd put this rumor to the test here :-) Anyone here have experience with this? Thanks,


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    Re: Used fire brick

    Hi Pdiff,
    I built my 40" Pompeii over 2 weekends using second hand fire bricks and there is no truth that they are harder to cut.
    The only bricks that I found very difficult to cut even with a commercial 14" diamond blade brick saw were the sample high temperature bricks that were amongst the 200 that I purchased were like cutting blocks of steel.
    These bricks are easily identifiable by their heavier than normal weight.
    I think you have been mislead by a misinformed contact.


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      Re: Used fire brick

      Thanks Niell. He wasn't trying to mislead :-) He had heard it second hand from someone who had built an oven here locally using used brick. I hope to see that work and talk with that person myself soon. At any rate, I can get some samples of this used brick before I start this spring and judge things myself. Good to get the voice of experience here first, though.
      Thanks again,