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Firebrick Source in NW South Carolina

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  • Firebrick Source in NW South Carolina

    I live in NW South Carolina and have had trouble locating a local source for firebrick. I was able to find one size of Whitacre-Greer bricks (mentioned in the forum) that are buff color, 2.125" X 4" X 9" which weigh 6.25#. I am assuming that these are the low duty (27.6% alumina) firebricks that WG shows on their website. If I do the math, the density looks about right vs the 2.5" X 4.5" X 9" brick people are using that weigh 8#. My only other find was from Carolina Ceramics, "light duty," buff, 2.25" X 4" X 9" which only weighed 5.5#. I think the WG firebricks will work and that I'll just need more of them due to the smaller size. Sound right? Or does anyone have a source for the full size firebrick in this area? Thanks.

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    Re: Firebrick Source in NW South Carolina

    Sounds right to me. My local brick supply store (near Raleigh, NC) only had one kind of firebrick and they were the "right" low duty type. Wish I could have found some of the red firebrick, but could not find it around here.

    Looks like you are on your way!!!

    Best of luck!

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      Re: Firebrick Source in NW South Carolina

      Back in March, I spoke with Gary Dexter at Old Canal Pottery over in Augusta... he told me someplace over that way (maybe in Greenwood?) that was a source. I can't remember where he said, but you can find him by googling Old Canal Pottery
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