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Fabricated doorframe/vent combo

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  • Fabricated doorframe/vent combo

    I'm just getting going on my first "non-rustic" brick oven. I've spent the past couple of hours pouring over the plans and online photos and such and have a design question.

    This quote is taken from the PDF Pompeii plans:
    "The other methods are: building a curved arch using bricks to frame the opening; building (or having a metal fabricator build) a complete door frame, either from steel or cast iron; or framing the opening with stone lintels. The curved arch method is beautiful, but difficult to build. Because the oven opening tends to a little black and sooty, we aren't sure it is worth the effort. Having a welder build a doorframe that also integrates your oven vent is something you might want to consider if you have access to a good fabricator."

    Here's my question: I do have access to a brilliant fabricator , so what should that doorframe look like? Anyone have any photos of doorframe/vent combos they've had fabricated or sketches of what they wish they could have?

    I'm wanting an arched exit from my oven with a fairly deep landing...but I'm still in the flexible, planning stage.

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    Re: Fabricated doorframe/vent combo

    I'd also be interested in pictures/descriptions from anyone who has made a steel vent or door. Has anyone out there done this?


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      Re: Fabricated doorframe/vent combo

      Hi Mrs DC and Joe
      I have a couple of pictures at


      see permalink #4

      It is an arch bar welded to a couple of pieces of angle iron which float freely and can expand at different rates to the firebrick. I have no cracks evn after 2 years or so and seems to solve all the problems.


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        Re: Fabricated doorframe/vent combo

        Search for "cast iron doors". You should find heater doors and cleanout doors. These may be larger than you'd like, or just not right, but there may be something there for you. Also, don't be afraid to call these folks and ask about somthing you don't see.

        Since I finished my build I can see how a precast oven entry with an integrated door would have / could have really helped the build and a tight fitting insulated door is something we all seem to have to build custom in the end. I think I've seen that James had a door for sale, but I don't seem to find it at the moment.

        If I had my druthers, I have the door swing out of the way of oven interior access but easily swing and lock shut for heat retention. Given that a single door will be about 20 inches wide it might even make sense to design something like a double door that swings clear and into setbacks within the entry. This is significant change from the given plans and who ever takes this on the first time won't be faint of heart.