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Island Hearth - Really Needed For Bread?

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  • Island Hearth - Really Needed For Bread?

    In the FB Pompeii plans, it talks about an island hearth option to provide additional mass to allow multiple batches of bread from a single firing. In addition to pizza, I would like to be able to do 2-3 batches of bread once it's fired up, so do I need to go with the island hearth option or will I be OK with the standard construction? If I do need to go with some extra mass can I (1) increase the vermiculite/cement layer to 5" or 6" or (2) embed some firebrick splits (1.25" thick) in the vermiculite/cement layer to go under the hearth firebricks or (3) lay the hearth firebricks on their side (4") instead of flat (2.25")?

    Also, should you pour the reinforced slab and the insulated slab one after the other or let the reinforced slab cure a bit before pouring the vermiculite/cement mixture?


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    Re: Island Hearth - Really Needed For Bread?

    MP - looks at Frances' post this last weekend. She baked ALL of that with one fire. I do not believe she added any additional mass. In regard to the pour sequence - doesn't matter. All at once or in steps (your back highly recommends it).

    Check out my pictures here:

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