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Refmix vs. HeatStop

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  • Refmix vs. HeatStop

    I'm at the point of needing to mortar my dome bricks, is there a reasonably good alternative to Refmix? Both the fireclay and HeatStop refractory mortar seem to be more cost effective, but not sure it?s the best method.

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    Re: Refmix vs. HeatStop

    Hi Domenico,

    Many of us have used the 'home brew' high heat mortar mix as detailed in the Pompeii plans successfully. Fire clay with sand, Portland cement and lime if my memory serves.

    I am sure the commercial products are "better". I'm not sure how they are better. In most cases, good enough is good enough. Particularly for a home oven application, the home brew is good enough.



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      Re: Refmix vs. HeatStop

      The commercial products tend not to contain sand because at high temps 1100 C+ the sand can tend to flux and melt. This is not a problem at the temps we fire to so sand should be ok. They also don't contain portland cement because it doesn't like heat either. They contain Calcium aluminate cement which is very expensive. I think the home brew should be ok, maybe our kids or grandkids will find out when it fails.
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        Re: Refmix vs. HeatStop

        Both the fireclay and HeatStop refractory mortar seem to be more cost effective
        The dry Heat stop is what I used, it works beautifully, but it is expensive. If you can get it at your local mason supply, it saves the shipping on the Refmix.

        Builders have used the homebrew formula successfully, and Frances used the plain fireclay-sand mixture, which may be cheapest of all, and seems to be successful.
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          Re: Refmix vs. HeatStop


          Thank you so much for your help. I found a local place that has the dry HeatStop, but you're correct it's not cheap.

          I love this forum as everyone is so helpful. I'll be posting some pics soon.



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            Re: Refmix vs. HeatStop


            I notice you are in CA. Call Forno Bravo and double check the shipping cost of RefMix. Since you are fairly close, it might be feasible to go with the FB stuff.
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