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Catering FORNO on a Trailer Q

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  • Catering FORNO on a Trailer Q

    hey all,

    Im planning to build an oven on a trailer (for catering and events) with a cooking surface diameter = 90 or 100cm with the following characteristics:

    1. Light overall weight (it should be as light as possible)
    2. Outer Size (should be as thin as possible)
    3. Reach pizza heat very fast ( and retains heat for a long time)

    Considering that, i have the following Q:

    - what is the cooking surface size (diameter) recommended? 90 - 100 - 110?

    - whats the minimum thickness of the hearth insulation? (regarding insulating heat effectively & keep the oven floor at the right temp)

    - is it possible to use the insulation ceramic blanket for the hearth & place the cooking surface directly on top? instead of vermiculite boards or vermiculite cement mix?

    - how thick should the cooking surface fire bricks be (minimum thickness)?
    - im thinking of using 3cm thick bricks.

    - how thick should the oven walls and dome fire bricks be (minimum thickness)?

    - do they have to be the same thickness as the oven cooking surface, or it doesn't matter?

    - what should the internal dome height be for each of 3 different sizes (90 - 100 - 110)

    - How thick should the thermal layer be for both the side walls and dome?

    - whats the minimum thickness of the dome insulation if im going to use the ceramic blanket?

    im going with an igloo design for the external covering

    * i came across this idea the other day, insulating the oven dome or even the hearth by using "HEAT CERAMIC INSULATION PAINT" with a layer thickness of around 10mm.

    - What do you thick, will it do the job?

    really appreciate your professional advice, comments and opinion on my idea and the listen questions.

    thanks all

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    Re: Catering FORNO on a Trailer Q

    I got all mad last time someone did the 20 questions routine. Now, I'd just recommend that you download the FREE plans from the Forno Bravo store and read them. You'll find answers to every one of your questions, and develop a much better understanding of the building process.

    Regarding the insulating paint idea - I don't think it will work at all. The plans will explain your insulation requirements. 10 mm of paint on a very very hot brick oven will likely just burn and/or peel off, while quite probably creating toxic by-products for your guests to breath. Not good eats!

    You speak of the sizes of the ovens (90,100, 110) which are some of the (wonderful) prefab ovens that FB sells. You can buy your oven or build it yourself. You can make it whatever size you think you need. Finally, do a search of the forum for "mobile ovens". There are several threads that discuss the process of building this type of oven.

    Have fun! Let us know how its going.
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      Re: Catering FORNO on a Trailer Q

      To many questions at one go. And you didn't tell us how many customers you hope to be serving or what type of food, all relevant to oven sizing & design questions.

      It's not a good idea to put a ceramic blanket under the hearth. Use ceramic or silica board for that. The blanket will compress too much compromising it's effectiveness & may make it hard to level the cooking floor.

      I agree that insulating paint does not sound practical. 2 - 3" of ceramic blanket above the dome & a minimum 1" (2" would be a lot better) ceramic board under the hearth will work. If I was building it, I'd have 3 - 4" on top & 2 - 4" under. If your budget is really tight, then use vermiculite. But your oven will be better insulated, more compact & lighter with the ceramics.

      edit: I just caught that you had posted this in Feb. Have you built your mobile oven yet? Happy with it, pictures, stories?

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        Re: Catering FORNO on a Trailer Q

        MOM! ... Southpaw wants us to do his homework, again...


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          Re: Catering FORNO on a Trailer Q

          Did he ever build his steel dome or Neapolitan ovens?


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            Re: Catering FORNO on a Trailer Q

            Originally posted by PizzaPolice View Post
            MOM! ... Southpaw wants us to do his homework, again...
            This made me laugh out loud as I have been doing my share of homework for myself but have really enjoyed the help from the willing and able.