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    Hi there, I used about 3" thick of this fiberglass insulation between my stainless steel walls, hopefully it's going to be ok.
    Insulation Type Sheet/Strip
    Thickness 2"
    Width 24"
    Length 8 ft.
    Temperature Range 0 to 1000 F
    R Value 7.7
    Heat Flow Rate 0.26 @ 75 F
    Density 2.4 lbs./cu. ft.
    Material Fiberglass
    Flexibility Flexible
    Backing Type Plain
    Color Gray
    For Use Outdoors No
    Specifications Met ASTM E84 25/50 for Flame and Smoke
    Additional Specifications SDS
    Whether it's for industrial furnaces or other extreme-heat applications, these lightweight fiberglass sheets can handle temperatures up to 1000 F. Material meets ASTM E84 25/50 for flame and smoke. They can be used outdoors with metal jacketing (sold separately).


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      Ive used rock wool blanket on a few oven builds. For the same thickness the rock wool was slightly cheaper and only marginally inferior as an insulator. It is however even more water absorbent than the ceramic fibre blanket and its worst quality I found was its consistency. It is much softer than ceramic fibre making it more difficult to cut and harder to work over with the vermicrete layer. I much prefer and use exclusively now, the ceramic fibre blanket. I think its well worth the additional cost. If you go the ceramic fibre blanket route, just check to make sure you get the bio absorbent carcinogen exonerated blanket. Think twice about using foil in any layer over the dome because as well as acting as a slip layer it will also act to trap moisture from escaping, making drying the oven that much more difficult.
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