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    Hey people. I'm having trouble locating an all around refractory supplier in Los Angeles. Maybe it's just that I'm too tired from jackhammering our sloped concrete backyard to make room for this oven all day yesterday. Any tips are welcome.

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    Use dynamite
    Check out my pictures here:

    If at first you don't succeed... Skydiving isn't for you.


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      Tips about supplies in Los Angeles Les... Careful, I'm an expert jackhammerer after yesterday. My forearms are bigger that Popeye's.


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        Bricks/Vermiculite in LA

        Some of us have posted our locations on

        I have tried to get Tom from Downey to join the board but he has not gotten around yet. I asked him about finding firebrick in LA and this is his edited response. Hope it helps

        I bought my firebricks from a company in Los Alamitos(on Cerritoes st.) I can't remember the name right now. but it is a very common supply where builders get material for fireplaces. If you are looking, there is a mason material place (I cant remember the name but I drove by it) on PCH in Lomita. If they don't sell it they will know who does.

        Vermiculite is the hard item to find in this area!!! I have been looking for weeks and I finally found it. In fact, I am picking it up today at 9:00 AM in Lake Forrest. I am getting 7 - 4 cubic feet bags at $20 a bag. The company is on line. They sell it bulk as packing material. I was told by the manufacture in New Jersey that I wanted grade #2 for what I am building.


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          Hey RedBrick,

          I found one in Upland CA, Called Kramers Masonry Supply. they say they are firebrick but I will need to investigate to make sure. I will post again when I find out but it may be a while.