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Pic of block stand and hearth

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  • Pic of block stand and hearth

    This is a picture (bloc_stand_sm.jpg) of the block stand and hearth for my brick wood fired pizza oven that I'm building in the backyard. The forms come off tomorrow. I keep thinking the thing is like a bunker, with every other core of the cinder block is filled with concrete and rebar and 7.5 inches of hearth

    Next step is to start laying the brick for the oven dome. Actually the very next step is to get the firebrick - I'm picking it up tomorrow morning.

    BTW in the immediate background is one of my dwarf apple trees (short tree on the left), the other almost twig-like tree is a dwarf peach tree (on the right - a stick with a few leaves). The apple trees bloomed this spring so maybe that means I will finally get an apple or two from them (it's been 3 years since I planted them). No chance of peaches from the peach trees this year (probably several more years before the peach trees do anything)


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    Looking good! Looks like you have a nice big yard too...

    I know what you mean about the bunker. My friend told me that my stand looks much safer than my basement in the event a tornado comes through.

    Looks like we are in about the same stage of building. Good luck!

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