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Do I need the angle iron?

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  • Do I need the angle iron?

    I'm building a corner design WFO. Do I need to put the angle iron across the front. Since it is only 26" across do I really need the angle iron across. From the pictures on the web it seems that that people are pouring the hearth and letting it span across the block with no support.

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    Re: Do I need the angle iron?

    You do need some support, but you can get it by putting a few extra pieces of rebar into the support slab above the unsupported span. You also don't particularly need that row of blocks above the wood storage door, that the angle iron supports. That always seemed to me to be just something to hit your head on when you're retrieving the firewood from the back.
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      Re: Do I need the angle iron?

      thanks I figured that just wanted confirmation since I'm at that level of block