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Fire brick question

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  • Fire brick question

    So I was at RCP getting block yesterday and decided to check out the firebrick. They carry 2 one from Muddox that is yellow and another from Pacific Clay that is pink. I was checking out the yellow and it feels like the the face that is going to be the floor has tiny balls that come of. It is not real smooth. Is this normal do the balls stop shedding. I don't want that in my pizza.

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    Re: Fire brick question

    The Muddox yellow is definitely rough textured, but their pink/red was the smoothest firebrick I've found. Unfortunately they recently stopped making the red ones. I don't know about pacific clay's red, but their white are fairly smooth. I don't know how widely available the white are, though. Here in Sacramento the PC whites were about twice the cost of either the red or the yellow from Muddox.

    Unfortunately, the yard didn't have enough of the reds for me to use the reds exclusively, but i really wanted to use them as much as possible, so I bought out what they had and got the rest in yellow. I plan to use the red for the floor and the majority of the dome, with some of the yellow as accent stripes, kind of an inverse of those done by thebadger and oventhusiast.

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      Re: Fire brick question

      I too had the choice of both those bricks and got Muddox. I'm really happy with them. I found the pacific clay to be rougher on the big surface and sides. The Muddox has really smooth sides, almost like a "finish" to them and I have this side facing in my dome. HOWEVER, the Muddox has a design feature where the sides are straight but DO HAVE A WOBBLY, in-and-out long side. Some bricks are more pronounced than others and I suspect make a beautiful fireplace or chimney wall. Since they have a SMALL bump here and there, it made my herringbone floor very hard to line up and it gave me irregular gaps. I would have liked to used the Pacific Clay (very, very stright sides,) on the floor and stick with the Muddox on everything else. If I chose 1 to do everything, I'd still use the yellow Muddox. Good luck, Dino
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        Re: Fire brick question

        The pacific clay pink are even rougher than the maddux. I don't know anywhere else in San Diego to get firebrick everywhere I called carries the Muddox brand. I called the Forno Bravo store to see about getting the Refractory floor but no one wants to call me back. I hope that is not the customer service I get when I order refmix. Actually makes me think I might buy the stuff Greg found locally