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Big Day in San Luis Obispo!

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  • Big Day in San Luis Obispo!

    Yesterday was a big day. I covered the dome with one more layer of FB blanket, for a total of 4 layers, then covered the insulation with aluminum foil to keep moisture out. I finished the rebar, applied lathe, and the scratch coat of stucco. In the evening we fired up the oven all the way for the first time. The dome went well past 932 deg. I had done 6 curing fires the week before without the aid of a thermometer. My wife, daughter and I enjoyed our first home WFO pizzas, which turned out great. No major problems with the oven. In the morning the oven was 360 deg, the stucco was 65 deg, but the concrete below the oven (top of wood storage area) was elevated to 120 deg. Although, one hour after beginning the fire, the concrete below was at room temperature. My hearth is made of 3.5 in of structural concrete and 3.5 in of insulating concrete. If I were to do it over, I would use insulating concrete and Supersol insulating board. But overall I am a very happy guy.

    San Luis Obispo
    San Luis Obispo

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    Re: Big Day in San Luis Obispo!


    Nice work! I look forward to seeing the finished oven. It looks like it is very well built!