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  • Quikrete Surface Bonding Cement

    I am not affiliated with Quikrete in anyway, shape or form....

    Hey guys! New here, but I think you guys might find this interesting...

    Just downloaded the plans from this site, THANKS F.B! Looking thru the construction of the stand one might save a few bucks and most of all.... your back....So here goes.

    The construction of the stand calls for (14) 80 lb. bags of quikrete at a cost of $3.66 per and (3) 10' bars of rebar.
    Concrete = $51.24 before tax and
    rebar = $ 18 ??? Not sure on this price....

    So say $70 to go this route...And allot of back breaking work just moving the dang bags!!!!

    So here's my alternative using another product from Quikrete called Surface Bonding Cement. I haven't personally used it yet, but it seems to fit this build to the tee.
    I've attached the product info as a PDF and you'll find that this stuff has alot of advantages.

    Using the Quikrete S.B.C one 80 lb bag covers 50 sqft...

    For the 42" stand I got 106.3 sqft (this is counting BOTH the inside/outside of the stand BUT NOT the front arch) ....So I would think 3 bags of S.B.C would be more then enough. *** Results may vary! *** LOL

    My price for the S.B.C comes in at 16.66 per 80 lb bag. Needing only 3 bags, it comes to 50$ before tax, and there's no need for rebar....

    I did a search on here to make sure this hasen't been covered before and was surprised that it wasen't! So, I hope someone closer to their build might consider this route, and let us know how it goes...

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    Re: Quikrete Surface Bonding Cement

    "Surface Bonding Cement" is more like a mortar than a concrete and will not provide near the strength of concrete.

    I'm not sure if I fully understand your proposed application, but I would not use this as a substitute for concrete in the suspended slab.


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      Re: Quikrete Surface Bonding Cement

      I believe he intends to drystack his stand then use this product as a veneer coat over all the block. Goes on like stucco but with the strength of concrete. Just understand that if the cores are not filled you have almost 3000 lbs sitting on cinder blocks. Would't want to sleep under it!