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Can a Flue Be Too BIG?

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  • Can a Flue Be Too BIG?

    sorry for the double post.... guess i should have done it here...

    well my question is ? i have a 40" oven. if i got a 12" X 4 1/2" Flue made for the full size of the vent opening, will that be too big? Will it draw u think..... i had a 6" round pipe before and some some got out but i am wondering if gettin a fabricated one made up for the size of the whole vent opening, will it cause it not to draw if too big ? What do ya'll think ? thanks alot God Bless

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    Re: Can a Flue Be Too BIG?

    My 40" Pompei has a void outside the actual dome 600mm x 400mm running up to a 200mm diameter flue, ie. 24" x 16" running up to an 8" flue.
    I get no smoke out from the front of my front arch unless I point a petrol leaf blower to excite the fire which might be struggling to roar.
    Your void is considerably smaller which equates to 54 sq inches where mine is 384 sq inches.
    I would most definitely go for an absolute minimum 8" flue, as that will have a surface area of 25.14 sq inches where a 6" only has 18.86 sq inches, 75% the area or volume capability.

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      Re: Can a Flue Be Too BIG?

      Thank u Nissan! That's what I needed to know! I appreciate It man! God Bless you and ya holidays......