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Firebrick Hearth Uneven

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  • Firebrick Hearth Uneven

    Hi folks. It's been a while since I have posted on the site. My oven was completed last summer. It's been over a year now of enjoyment with pizza's and breads.

    I noticed the other day when I fired it up that some (2) of the bricks just inside the entry way and to the left are not even. My rake and peel catch the edge. I do not remember this being the case when I built it. So my suspicion is that this has developed over the last year or so. I am built on the fibre board (2" thick as I recall).

    Is it possible the fibre board has compressed and has caused this to happen?

    Post #14 in my thread shows the picture:

    Should I worry about this?
    Check out my build at:

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    Re: Firebrick Hearth Uneven

    "My rake and peel catch the edge."

    If you have an angle grider, just trim the edges back a bit.

    "Should I worry about this?"

    Not unless there is some sort of structural failure (examine your suspended slab closely for cracking.)