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covering a stainless flue ?

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  • covering a stainless flue ?

    hello again,
    can anyone tell me if wrapping my stainless steel flue with chicken wire and covering in a cement mix will work. what mixture would you use if so?
    i have an oven that looks old and i don't like a brand new pretty piece of stainless stickin out, so i though covering it would be nice.... anyone? thanks and God Bless

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    Re: covering a stainless flue ?

    Your nice new stainless flue will look rather second hand after a couple of fires so why worry?
    Just try keeping it looking like new and you will see what I mean.
    You could always put a decorative shield over it rather than a chicken wire reinforced refractory mortar which unless done professionally will look pretty average (unless that is the effect that you are trying to achieve).

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