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  • mortar and cold temps -

    I'm sure this question has been brought up before but I'm going to ask anyway:
    Will below freezing temps matter for bricks just laid? We put a light in there and covered it with a few big cloths and a tarp. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?
    It won't heat it up too much, will it?

    The low tonight is supposed to be 31.


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    Re: mortar and cold temps -

    A light is no where close to causing a problem. DON'T LET IT FREEZE. It will turn concrete to crap.

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      Re: mortar and cold temps -

      I have asked a similar question. I have been told that freezing temps and proper curing do not go together. That being said if you use tarps and cloths and low is only 31 the brick you just laid may not see freezing temps. I have also asked about using some sort of additive during freezing temps. This was not recommended because there is no such thing as antifreeze just accelerators to speed the curing process and these have the potential to weaken the structure.

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        Re: mortar and cold temps -

        My oven will not be completed before the "deep freeze". Should I be concerned about freezing? I'm probably done until the spring. I haven't worked on it in three weeks so I'm assuming there shouldn't be an issue with freezing temps...

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