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Sutto's Fremantle Oven Build

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  • Sutto's Fremantle Oven Build

    Hello everybody, First thing I want to say is how great this site is! I have read a lot of the threads and I am really impressed by the passion and attention to detail shown by all the oven builders.
    Although I have been a bricklayer/stonemason for over 30 years, this is my first go at constructing a pizza oven. Today I finished the brickwork for the base of my Pompeii brick oven. Because I will be moving from this house I rent in a year or so and because it is slated for demolition in a couple of years time, I will be cutting a few corners with my construction and attempting to keep my material and labour costs as low as I reasonably can.
    I started my base about six months ago, I finished half the base and then nothing further happened until today, ( I was away for three months!) anyway today I got outside and finished it off. Remember I mentioned cutting corners?, well for example, I didn?t worry about footings, I built my walls straight on top of the existing brick paving. I know it sounds a bit shonky but remember this oven will have a relatively short lifespan before meeting the wrecking ball. Anyhoo the pavers are fitted very together very tightly, it helps that they are on compacted sand and the ground beneath is rocky and hard. I think it will be fine. I have added some pics so you can get the gist of what I?m doing, it?s all pretty basic. I haven?t bothered with a box like base but have gone for free-standing parallel walls.
    Next thing will be to put the slab on top. I?m going to go with a 100mm thick concrete suspended slab, which I will cantilever over the base, I?m thinking of a curved edge to the front of the slab. Again I?m planning to cheat a bit with the formwork, I?m hoping I can find some Villa-board, or other thickish fibro board to sit on top of the base and sit the slab straight on it. I expect I will be able to break the board off afterwards if I want to.
    I would like to have my oven finished by xmas. So I will need to get the slab sorted next weekend and start the dome the one after that? Mmmm?maybe the newyear is more realistic for completion as I have to do all this on my weekends and usually by the time Friday night comes around, I?m knackered.
    Happy oven building!

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    Re: Sutto's Fremantle Oven Build

    Hi all, it's taken a bit longer than i thought, my oven is finished apart from the exterior stuff. For the past few days ive been gradually upping the size of the fire and any day soon i will be cooking my first pizza. I've taken a few pics along the way, you can see them here. Picasa Web Albums - jds - piizzaov


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      Re: Sutto's Fremantle Oven Build

      Interesting design - I hadn't seen a barrel with a side entrance before!

      Get that baby cranked up and see what it can produce.
      / Rossco


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        Re: Sutto's Fremantle Oven Build

        Sutto, welcome to the forum.
        Why can't you get a forklift (either on a tractor or a dedicated forklift), into the oven and lift it off the base, onto a truck or trailer and move the hearth and top only to a new location onto a new base?

        Prevention is better than cure, - do it right the first time!

        The more I learn, the more I realise how little I know

        Neillís Pompeiii #1
        Neillís kitchen underway


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          Re: Sutto's Fremantle Oven Build

          You're right , I could relocate the oven. But maybe not as far as my new home, which will be in Philadelphia. I hoping to join my US wife there before the end of 2010.