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partial build in garage and then move it?

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  • partial build in garage and then move it?

    I have built my first oven a while back and very happy with it. I got looking around the site here and saw the "Antigiano". I think this would be an oven in construction similar to mine but not sure on mortar and a few details. It has caught my interest because I would like to build another oven for someone else but I would rather do as much as I can in my garage and then transport what I can to the site and assemble it there. I had no idea the anigiano oven as shown on this site (seems to be built out of fire bricks and insulated as well before shipping) could be moved with out cracking mortar joints.

    My question is if I was to build something like what is pictured in attachment here can you trailer this to a job site without it cracking.

    I dont know a lot about refractory, my oven turned out only from the help I got here on this site. I just assumed you would not want to move this big object around or it would crack.
    see below for my oven album of progress to date

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    Re: partial build in garage and then move it?

    I don't see a problem with building an oven whether it be brick or cast refractory and then transporting it to it's final location, but you will have to take precautions in moving it. By putting it on the base that it is going to stay on and moving it onto another base will be problematic unless you have a forklift or crane to handle he weight.
    Why not build a sturdy steel base with provision for bars and handled to pass through so that 4 or 6 burly males could lift and carry it to where it is required.
    You could also have solid wheels/castors built into it or merely removed once in location. It is always then ready to go with you if you sell the house, or sell it if you want to build something better.

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