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Making a truly Portable Pompeii Oven

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  • Making a truly Portable Pompeii Oven


    I am new to the forum and have seen some really cool postings on the different types of ovens. I came across this forum in my search to find some ideas on building a very portable/usable brick oven. I am hoping to attend farmer markets to sell my whole wheat pizza and thought if I could make a truly portable oven, I could provide a terrific pizza.
    I have seen some ideas but they all seem to be a bit much to be moving around from place to place without the use of some type of heavy machinery. Has anyone attempted to modify the Pompeii plans(which are amazing) to build a smaller version which might be truly portable?

    Thanks for any insight on my quest to create a truly portable brick oven!

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    Re: Making a truly Portable Pompeii Oven

    Hello and welcome
    It seems like the consensus of the forum is that 36" is very close to the lower limit size that is both functional and has enough thermal mass to really give you a good result with pizza. I built a 36" and agree with that thinking.
    FB does sell smaller more "portable" pre-fab ovens, but without insulation, I'm not sure how they'd work for serious pizza cookery. OTOH, if you're not a purist, "serious" pizza cookery might not matter, and I think everyone here agrees that it's hard to get a bad pizza from a WFO.
    Poke around a bit on the forum. There are several folks here who are either in the process of
    fabricating a mobile oven or have already done so.
    If it were me, I would probably go with a modular oven for that purpose vs. building a Pompeii, and the rest just boils down to figuring out the cart or trailer for it.


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      Re: Making a truly Portable Pompeii Oven

      Thank you for the reply. I have been working on different options, I do agree in order to get that great pizza taste, it all starts with the wood oven and heat! I'm working on some other options for cooking my pizza, I'll report back once I figure out my method.


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        Re: Making a truly Portable Pompeii Oven

        There are lots of threads on mobile ovens. Most of the successful ones use modular ovens, because brick construction is too brittle for over the road use. Also, a modular oven will come with a UL certification, which may help you in your battles with the health department, which is an inevitable by-product of a commercial operation.

        Good luck, and keep us posted.
        My geodesic oven project: part 1, part 2