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    I got the foundation poured today. I had 4 hours to before I had to make a mad dash and cover the pad with a tarp. The rain finally stopped and everything is ok. I hired a ready mix truck and got the concrete for only $130. Next week I will start the block stand. I wish I had more time to work on the oven but business takes me all over the place. Last week I was able to eat at some of my favorite pizza places in NYC.

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    Good idea to get the delivery truck. If any other oven builders have a site that is pretty far from the driveway or street, you can pay a pump company to get the concrete where you want. My memory is that the pump guys aren't that expensive.

    Ryan, why don't you add your favorite NYC spots to the restaurants section of the forum. I would like to see those.
    Pizza Ovens
    Outdoor Fireplaces


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      concrete pumping

      Most of the outfits in my area that do this are set up to pump larger volumes than the yard or so of concrete needed for the foundation. I found that for pumping you have to arrange a separate truck for concrete (with 7-8 yard capacity) and the pumping company. The concrete trucks charge extra for a short load.

      Ryan's solution of using Ready Mix is what I did as well: find a friend with a 1/4 ton pickup, go the the Ready Mix place and hook up a mixer on a trailer that is preloaded with 1 yard of concrete, tow to your site and dump into wheelbarrows and pour into the form. This is very inexpensive, probably cheaper than bags. I paid $180 for 1 1/2 yards. I incurred extra costs due to taking two loads and had the mixer for about four hours - the concrete itself was about $90. Huge time saver over bagged concrete.

      Ryan, have fun with the project! I bet most of users of this forum did their work when they could find a free weekend here and there as you plan.


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        Hello Ryan, I am ready to startalso my foundation has already been done in the spring idid my patio and allowed for the oven tomarrow I am ordering the material for the stand and the oven floor,will try to start this on friday,good luck to you. Hey Isee you travel to ny to eat your favorite pizza have you ever been to Lombardies.
        Iwill post my progress on monday.


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          Glad to hear you got started. I have 6 inches of snow on where I was working so I will have to wait at least 2 weeks until I can start again. That is Colorado for you! I have been to Lombardi's. I have also like Famous Joe's, John's, and Fransicas on the Upper West Side. Good luck and be sure to send photos. I will attach some photos here this week.


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            I may be on hold as well for the winter I got the oven floor done and the first 2 rings dry stacked I dont want to mix morta and have a problem with it freezing, so I will do some inside worke for the winter, I will keep you posted.