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Dome Installation Video - Casa / Premio / Modena


For many of you who bought a modular oven, you may have asked how we put the domes together when we build them. For those of you considering one of our ovens, we shot a video to make your install easier.

Check it out on our You Tube Channel.


If the link doesn't work, simply go to You Tube and type Forno Bravo Channel. The video title is How to Set your Forno Bravo Oven Dome Pieces.

Thanks for participating in our Forum. We will have more video content available soon.
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cutting the briks of my dome

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  • cutting the briks of my dome

    there are two questions i have first is there a way to cut the brick so i can eliminate gap between them or minimize it as much as possible?
    and the second one is is there a way or would i be doing the right thing if i cut the first row of bricks on an angle to help shaping the dome this might just be a crazy idea i have but i think is worth asking since i am ready to star building my oven this spring and all of this ideas are coming through my head

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    Re: cutting the briks of my dome

    Yes and Yes. Review some builds in the Pompeii Oven section of the forum to gather details on the requested cuts.

    Just FYI, cutting dome bricks to eliminate/reduce gap size is purely an exercise of skill and aesthetics. It adds nothing to performance or longevity of construction.


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      Re: cutting the briks of my dome

      Look for Dino's and Les' threads in the Pompeii section - they are well done. There are several threads which discuss precision cuts to minimize wasted mortar due to gaps. There are several others as well. The best thing is that you will learn a lot about what you are planning and building. The best way is to determine the size of the ovens and have someone model it in Solidworks. The program can help with all the cuts as well and in making full sized templates.

      Funny thing, when lookin a the picture section - there are ovens still standing from 2000+ years ago that have lots o mortar in the pics.

      Have a great time with the build!

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        Re: cutting the briks of my dome

        Since I used cheap homebrew mortar I wasn't too concerned with the size of joints and the quantity of mortar used, although most dome bricks were tapered to some extent. I only took the extra time and minimized the mortar joints in those areas where I thought were most critical.

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          Re: cutting the briks of my dome

          I used a dome gauge to mark a template brick for each chain. The dome gauge gives you the best angle for the side cuts as well as the angle pointing back to the center of the oven for the best rise on the outside end of each brick.

          Search under 'indespensable tool' and see several versions of the dome gauge. With the gauge in the center of the oven floor you can easily mark the best angles for each chain. With a little imagination, and trial with error you'll end up with just the right cut with the least waste.

          Have attached a picture of the dome gauge I made and revised.

          ADDED Links on the subject:
          here &
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