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Pizza oven tools?

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  • Pizza oven tools?

    I am finishing the build of my g120 and need a peel, brush ECT. Actually I really don't know what I need, could someone please make a recommendation on the essential tools that I should purchase, and where I should purchase them from?


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    Re: Pizza oven tools?

    Since our host sells tools, I am going to steer you that direction. Look at the FB store online. I am in the same situation as you; not sure what i need. Many of the builder have made their own tools as well. I am going to try and build some and can always buy one if that doesn't work. I think the question for me is: what do i need? There are many places to get it, but sometimes the one you purchase may not fit your kitchen. Handle too long, peel to wide, etc. HTH. I am looking forward to responses here as well.
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      Re: Pizza oven tools?

      The blue handled peel they sell here is the best I have ever used. You need:

      Big Peel
      Turning peel
      Log poker (I use the same tool as a turning peel and a log poker, it is a commercial SS stirrer)

      I also use an old aluminum peel for mass removal of ashes before I brush.


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        Re: Pizza oven tools?

        recommend strongly a wood peel for placing the pizza....versus metal. I've had MUCH less sticking of pizzas since I made the switch.


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          Re: Pizza oven tools?

          And the slotted one (blue handle) is as much better again than wood over plain metal. It allows you to use plenty of bench flour, then with a slight shake it is all gone.


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            Re: Pizza oven tools?

            Aside from the peels, brushes, etc. a couple of things I find handy:

            1. A long piece (~4 foot) of 1/2" or 3/4" copper pipe - used to blow the ashes off the oven floor (careful not to inhale the hot air!)

            2. "weed dragon" - propane torch for starting fires....makes fire building sooo easy.

            3. metal ash can

            4. stackable proofing pans (plastic) - These are great when working with dough.

            5. As far as peels go, (we have 6 wooden peels + 1 metal peel). Multiple peels allows good work-flow when having friends over. I dont bother with a turning peel-I just use a regular peel, pull the pizza out, spin it with my fingers.

            6. I have two brushes, a "horizontal" (looks like a push-broom) and a "vertical" (looks like a giant tooth-brush). The vertical allows you to easily sweep the fire off to one side.

            Everyone is different...this is what I use.


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              Re: Pizza oven tools?

              One thing you really need regardless of what tools you get is something to keep them in. I'm forever leaning them next to the oven then knocking them over ! Hav'nt come up with non ugly solution yet....still thinking about it
              Regards dave
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                Re: Pizza oven tools?

                Mine live on the roof of the oven.


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                  Re: Pizza oven tools?

                  Originally posted by cobblerdave View Post
                  One thing you really need regardless of what tools you get is something to keep them in. I'm forever leaning them next to the oven then knocking them over ! Hav'nt come up with non ugly solution yet....still thinking about it
                  Regards dave
                  I built this "gun rack" http://www.fornobravo.com/forum/8/les-build-4207-9.html ( post #216) from over the counter aluminum channel. The clips to hold the tools are common as well. In the winter, I place them in a diamond plate truck box.
                  Check out my pictures here:

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                    Re: Pizza oven tools?

                    I agree with TS above. I have this peel, purchased from FornoBravo:
                    The Ultimate Pizza Peel 14.6" :: Pizza Peels & Oven Tools :: Forno Bravo Store
                    It's pricey, but it's awesome. Well worth it. It is very long so I pulled the end cap out, sawed it to size and reinserted the cap. Perfect.

                    I also have one of these:
                    14" Cast Iron Tuscan Grill :: Pizza Peels & Oven Tools :: Forno Bravo Store
                    While it's not exactly a "tool", it'll grill the best steaks you've ever had.
                    Ken H. - Kentucky
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                      Re: Pizza oven tools?

                      i built a number of my tools, I used a perforated pizza pan as my large peel. I took the edge off and mounted it to a wooden handle.

                      As far as keeping them handy when working I have a couple of things going there, Some of the tool have a coat hook that is inverted on the back and they are either bolted or screwed to the handles. See the photo with the Brush, Blow tube and poker. BTW the blow tube is a metal Cross Country Ski Pole.

                      The others hang on hooks of bent wire, the smaller hook holds either the peel, wood or metal, or the banjo turner, The other bent wire hook can hold any and all of the tools.

                      For storage I have a cubby under the prep table that has been built into the structure. it has a piece of heavy gauge aluminum as it's floor. There will be a door on the storage area but I was waiting until my prep table had a final surface (installed this last week) to move forward with the door. The tool cubby runs the full length of the prep table 72 inches.

                      In the small peel hook photo you can also see my wine cubby for keeping my wine glass safe.

                      I also have a paper towel holder under the outdoor speaker near the electrical box and a small set of hooks to the lower right side of the prep table for hanging pot holders, ir gun and hand towels etc...

                      As far as the weed dragon mentioned above by jeeppiper -- FOR SHAME!!!!! learn how to use a match.

                      Additional photos on next post

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                        Re: Pizza oven tools?

                        Additional photos of tools...I have not cleaned up the mortar under the granite prep table yet so just look the other way.

                        The little silver can on the ground is normally on the counter top and it is a small dustbin - trash can with a lever lid. the top is made such that it seems to be waterproof - so far.

                        I use this little dustbin to hold a box of stick matches, a digital countdown timer with alarm to remind me to pay attention to the oven food, and my pocket thermometer, and when not in use my IR thermometer, it does a great job of keeping these items clean, dry and handy.

                        The radio on the upper right is a temporary solution to music access, I will most likely be putting a car or boat radio AM/FM/CD built into one of the storage area under the prep table. The outdoor speaker are working well and will probably stay where they are.

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                          Re: Pizza oven tools?

                          What you "need" is one thing. What you want is another.

                          My tools are broken up to three categories:

                          1. Fire Handling Tools:

                          A. Normal Garden hoe. Great for pushing around coals. Moving fire to the back, cleaning out oven, etc.

                          B. Small spade, with normal full length handle. Great for flipping/moving logs, etc.

                          C. Large aluminum dust pan (a big one..like you would use at a construction site). Great for using the hoe to rake coals and ash out into the pan so as to clean out the oven.

                          D. Large aluminum trash can, with lid. To put the hot coals and ash in.

                          2. Hearth Cleaning Tools.

                          A. Brass bristle brush with scraper on opposite side. Great for scrubbing ash off the hearth after doing the big stuff with the hoe.

                          B. Natural fiber brush. Dip or spray with water and use to "mop"/wet brush the hearth to finish the hearth before baking bread or cooking pizza.

                          3. Pizza/bread handling tools.

                          A. Wooden peels. (I have four...makes it easy to keep things going or load a buch of bread in a hurry): Much better than metal for placing pizza or loaves on the hearth. Lightly flour and you're good to go. Once in a while take a bt of sand paper to smooth.

                          B. Small round "turning peel": Super easy, super fast. I use it to remove pizzas and loaves from the oven as well. In my opinion it's a necessity if you are trying to run more than two pizzas at once. I can easily cook three pizzas at a time if I'm paying attention...i've even rotated a fourth in before the most done one comes out. With a square metal peel...difficult to even run two pizzas with a large square edged peel IMO.

                          C. Large metal peel: Least needed...but useful to take very large pizzas out.

                          Your mileage may vary.


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                            Re: Pizza oven tools?

                            I love the home made tools. I've also got tools from restaurant supply houses. FB tools are of the highest quality. Test the length before you order. My 40" oven needed longer tools so I'm not baking my hand.

                            Pizza Tools


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                              Re: Pizza oven tools?

                              As you can see from my above post I have made a number of my own tools, supplemented with purchased wood peels, and brass brushes.

                              I have a question regarding a peel I have seen on occasion at resturants, the international pizza expo, and kitchen supply stores, but I have not seen anyone on here using one. It. Is a pizza peel made out of some type of composite, the material reminds me of the plastic fence posts and deck material you see at builder supply's.

                              Has anyone used one of these and what are the upside and downside issues regarding this type of peel.

                              It seems that the upside is moisture resistance, I have warped one of my wood peels by leaving bread on it to long.