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Cleaning cement stains.

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  • Cleaning cement stains.

    What did y'all use to do a final cleaning of your dome interiors? I've heard that dishwashing detergent (the dishwasher kind) works well. I plan on acid washing the stonework oven stand, but am stii out to lunch on what to clean the firebricks with.

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    Re: Cleaning cement stains.

    I used a 800 degree fire...

    But seriously, mine was prefab. For cleaning cement, I try and use a sponge/brush within a day or two of working with the cement or grout. (This wetting is actually good for the curing cement anyway) After that sometimes a stiffer brush and water will work but beyond that I get into an acid wash, being careful not to overdo it.....

    I have non stick tiles on my floor and it's a b**** to clean the cement if I let it dry.....once I'm completely done with the Kitchen project, I'll do the acid wash over the area.

    Good luck Nick.
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      Re: Cleaning cement stains.

      XJ, Nick,

      I used about the same procedures as XJ. It's important to get at refractory mortar before it cures with water and a stiff brush. There was some staining that remained on the inside of the dome (I used LaFarge Fondue), but, as XJ says, an 800 degree fire removes it pretty quick. Diluted Muriatic acid works, but if your timing is good, so is a strong solution of TSP. Wear gloves unless you really need those fingerprints removed for legal reasons.

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        Re: Cleaning cement stains.

        Cool. I've been cleaning my work as I go, but there is still a thin residue left. The inferno should take care of that. My fingerprints are mostly gone already from idiotically pointing my joins with my fingers. Can't seem to get the same feel with a glove on.. This formless deal is hard. I'll post photos after tonights work.. Too hot to do anything during the day here in L.A.